Apocalypse Now

Watch Apocalypse Now (1979)

 Apocalypse Now (Click the image to view original 1979 release)


In Michael Richardson’s book,  Otherness in Hollywood Cinema, he states, “No film in Hollywood history, I think, has directly confronted themes of otherness in a more complex or a more uncomfortable way than  Apocalypse Now. (pg. 139).   What “themes of otherness” struck you in the film, and what does this film tell you about who the “other” is? Contribute to discussion here.

Read Chapter 8 of his book to help you analyze the question. (See link above; You will need to log into the Library with your UAF credentials to view it.)

You may also want to look at the article by  Margot Norris,  “Modernism and Vietnam: Francis Ford Coppala’s Apocalypse Now.”