Screenwriting Tool – Plotbot

There are many screenwriting tools to choose from. If you are looking seriously at very powerful screenwriting tools, I would recommend Scrivener or Celtx (both do everything from novel to nonfiction to playwriting to more, actually). However, both of those tools come at a premium (and the trials won’t last as long as you will need them). If you are looking at bare-bones formatting, you can of course work with one of the free templates that exist for Microsoft Word. However, working with templates can be a pain, and it may also be harder to share your work with the class.

One of the more friendly, functional tools I’ve found is Plotbot, and in fact that is the tool I would recommend you use. Go to and give it a try–it’s free,  very easy to use, allows some collaboration between multiple users (which we will not be using for this class, but perhaps you will use it in the future?) and it allows your readers many different ways of leaving comments. The best way to share a piece you’re writing in Plotbot with me and the rest of the class is to copy the link on which your script is located and paste it in any post.



Just be sure, if you’re sharing your screenplay with the web address on which you’re working on it (which I recommend), that you don’t check private. Otherwise, we will not be able to read it!