Persepolis (Click image to watch on Amazon)


For this assignment, I would like you to go somewhere or do something that you have NEVER done before. Go alone. Do it alone.   Maybe this is something you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe this is something you are afraid to do? Take a risk to be a stranger in a strange place if for only a moment.

Ideas: Go to a yoga class, gym, or sporting event. Visit a church, mosque, synagogue,   or meditation center.   Sit at a table with strangers at the commons. Sit in on a class you’re not registered for. Go to a concert, performance, art opening. Go dog-sledding, ice fishing…..?!

Write a one to two page personal reaction paper to the experience. Think about how your   experience compares or differs from the experience of isolation revealed by Marjit in  Persepolis?

This is an optional assignment. It will be averaged in to your final grade, and will boost your grade if submitted. It will not be counted against you if not submitted. Submit via Blackboard.