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The character and plot line of a short film is distinctly different from that of a feature. After seeing  Akira Kurosawa’s Dream’s,  write a 2-3 page paper (typed/double-spaced) examining the structure of one of these short films and it’s relationship to the the other seven films in  Dreams. How do you think these structures relate to other Japanese art forms (namely literature or theatre), or compared to other film(s) by Kurosawa?

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  1. aahewitt says:

    All of the short films are completely different than the others from Kurosawa. The style that is used is different from any short film that I have seen before. There was very little speaking in most of them and there was a lot of silence. I think there was a lot of silence so the audience can focus on the characters and what they were actually doing physically.
    The short film that stuck out to me the most was the one with the men traveling up a mountain with a bad snowstorm happening. Most of the film was just the sound of strong wind blowing and some dialogue while showing all the men freeze to death. At the end one man is left and he starts to hallucinate a women being there with him just before he dies.
    The way this short film was made shows what it would actually be like if the audience was climbing a mountain also with the men. There would be no dramatic music but more like the realism of such silence and wind blowing and eventually hallucination. I think the whole film was showing a real event instead of trying to solely entertain the audience with how most films are set up today.
    Overall I really liked the short films by Kurosawa. At first I was confused by the style because it was so different but then I found myself being more interested in films like this more than the usual films that I see.

    -Austyn Hewitt

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